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C2NER Version 2

Rating: 5/5
Sales price: $699.00



Stock ECU?

Manufacturer: c2Motorsports

Looking for a software solution but you don't want to send in your ECU and be without the use of your car? Want to be able to flash your own vehicle while also being able to read/clear codes? If so, C2 Motorsports would like to introduce you to our C2NER package for the Golf R ! !

This package includes:

1 C2NER Handheld Programmer (cables included) (Retail: $249)

1 Performance software files of your choice (Retail: $499)

2 Free Revisions (Retail: $100)

The C2NER Handheld Programmer includes all of the necessary interface software and cables to allow you the ease and comfort of flashing your own vehicle, whether in your driveway or on the go! Equipped with the ability to retain your OEM tune, the C2NER allows you to toggle between multiple programs of your choosing, as often and as many times as you want! The C2NER also allows you to read and clear DTC codes.

Choose between: Stage 1, Stage 1+, Stage 2 or Stage 2+

Add our MOTORSPORT option for only (+$149).

MOTORSPORT Features Include:

C2STEP: User programmable launch control. Decrease your ET's VIDEO

NO_LIFT Shift: Allows shifting gears without letting of the gas. Decrease your ET's VIDEO

ANTI_LAG: Allows car to build boost pressure during C2STEP. Decrease your ET's VIDEO

BRAKE BOOST: Applying brake and gas to pre-spool the car. Decrease your ET's 

Stage 1 designed for use with an otherwise STOCK car

Stage 1+ designed for use with INTAKE or panel filter

Stage 2 designed for use with HPFP

Stage 2+ designed for use with Intake/HPFP/DP/Exhaust



*If ordering a C2NER device with your software, your ECU MUST be stock.

If you you currently have other performance software on your ECU, we can flash it back to stock but you must send it in.*


STAGE 1: +35hp

Golf R Stock vs. Stg 1


Friday, 07 March 2014
I purchased my c2ner package during the Black Friday Sale’s Event, and Am glad I got to save a bit of money and skipped the stage 1 tune. The staff is amazing and answered my questions and concerns both before and after purchasing. I ran into a few minor problems that seemed to have resolved on it’s own before I could respond back to the prompt emails. At the moment my Golf R is currently Stage 1+ and the Power Feels Amazing! I am looking forward to flashing stage 2 later this year and eventually purchasing & moving to Stage 2+ next year. I have nothing against other tuners or tune shops, but due to my work schedule I do not have time to drive to a shop on the weekend to have them flash my car nor do I wish to be charged every time I need a new flash. Instead I am able to work on my car with my buddies and then sit back and relax while I let the C2ner do its work! The only regret that I do have is that I did not have the funds to buy the initial release that came with 4 tunes instead of 2 tunes. Other than that I would and do recommend this to anyone looking for a tune, regardless if you live next door to a tune shop or have to drive 5,000 miles.
Thursday, 12 December 2013
I love the HFE tune (high fuel-efficiency) Stage 1 tune that C2 sent me. The performance ramp-up from the mellow light throttle mode to the fully aggressive heavy throttle mode is impressive. The car sips fuel until I'm ready to let her loose. haha.

Having the C2ner device connect to my car instead of me going to the shop is totally a reason to get this amazing package. Plus, the launch control in the Pro Pack is epic. Can't forget the flat-foot shifting too, as going from 3rd to 4th is such a rush, especially up hill.

Many people say the Golf R with a Stage 1 tune is how it should have come from the factory , but I say the folks at C2 have made a tune that far surpasses what the factory could have done.
Thursday, 05 December 2013
great product!!! being able to reflash without taking my car to a tuner was a must have feature for me. C2 customer service was top notch!

only on stage 1 but the extra power is easily felt and the power is very smooth. compared to the stock tune the bottom end does not feel as laggy and top end really takes off. the C2 tune really woke up my R.
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