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MK4 r32 Turbo Software

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Fueling Kit

C2NER Device


Manufacturer: c2Motorsports


Designed to use Bosch 550cc injectors, C2 95mm MAF housing and stock compression on the 3.2L R32. Software capable of supporting over 400hp.



Similar to Stage 1, this is designed to use Bosch 550cc injectors, C2 95mm MAF housing and requires lowered compression on the 3.2L. Software capable of supporting over 500hp.



Similar to Stage 2, this is designed to use Siemens 630cc injectors, C2 95mm MAF housing and requires lowered compression on the 3.2L. Software capable of supporting over 550hp.



To get the most out of your vehicle, our Stage 3 is designed to use Bosch 950cc injectors, C2 Pro.MAF and requires lowered compression. Software capable of supporting  600hp.


MOTORSPORT: Features Include


C2STEP: Programmable launch control. View the instructional C2STEP VIDEO. Decrease your ET's.

NO-LIFT Shift: Allows you the ability to not let off the gas when shifting gears. Decrease your ET's

Shift Light- EPC flash (100ms) when the below rpm is reached

~ 1st-6700      2nd-6800       3rd-6900      4th 6900      5th-6800      6th-6800

Knock Warning- CEL flash-

Stage 1 (250ms) – Stage 2 (100ms)- 1000ms total flash time

~Stage 1 -   -5.25 degrees of retard

~Stage 2-   -7.5 degrees of retard

Engine protection - EPC light will flash for 5000ms and engine power will be reduced.

CEL may come on and stay on until cleared.

~Lean safety – E85 - .88 Lambda~ 13:0 AFR

~Lean safety – 91 Octane - .85 Lambda~ 12.6:0 AFR

~Lean safety – 100 Octane - .88 Lambda~ 13:0 AFR        

~Knock protection- All Octane- -9 degrees retard

~Safety feature- Power reduction to 20% for 4000ms


*the use of MOTORSPORT option can cause damage to the stock catalytic converter

**C2 is not responsible for the results of using the MOTORSPORT options on your application



We have put together a complete fueling kit for your R32, or better said "tuning-in-a-box". Everything you need is included for easy installation. Injectors will drop-in with no modification to the fuel rail.


- C2 FI Software (Choose Stage options before checking out)
- Bosch Stage Specific Injectors
- Injector Harness
- C2 Billet MAF Housing (Pro-MAF for Stg 3)
- Silicone Couplers
- Open Element Filter

 *It is necessary to locate the MAF sensor/housing at least 18 inches from the inlet of the Turbo/SC in order to prevent "seeing" turbulence across the sensor


**DISCLAIMER: This FLASH to be used on cars retaining factory compliance to all federal emissions standards. C2Motorsports is not responsible for the misuse of this product.



*Must contact an Authorized C2 Dealer or send your ECU to C2 Motorsports using the ECU Mail-In form located under Downloads*


You can now load your software flash on your own car, in your own driveway or garage with the C2NER Handheld Programmer!



*If ordering a C2NER device with your software, your ECU MUST be stock.


If you you currently have other performance software on your ECU, we can flash it back to stock but you must send it in.*



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